Tourism in North Devon is worth over £454 million.

When I lived in North Devon I had a passion for sea fishing in the region which is why I set up this site. I had every intention of writing an interesting blog about fishing in North Devon and all that North Devon has to offer to fishermen and tourists. I started to do just that and the site very quickly became popular amongst people with a interest in North Devon or fishing.

Unfortunately due to personal circumstances I had to move away from North Devon and now I live too far away to fish in the region. My time is also taken up with my work and it is with a sad heart that I have realized that I will not be moving back to the region or fishing in the area any time soon.

So I have decided to put the site up for sale.

The name is an excellent starting point for anybody who wishes to run a fishing blog for the region and when I had time to keep the site updated I received a lot of visitors which generated a small income from the site and helped to meet the costs of fishing and maintaining the site.

During the summer time the site was particularly busy and I used to receive a lot of emails regarding fishing and staying in the region, so there is a lot of scope to increase the income and expand the site into accommodation for people wishing to fish in the region etc.

North Devon gets over 600,000 visitors a year

I created the site using WordPress which allows for easy creation of posts and pages and also allows the person running it to set up members. The person who buys the site is welcome to the WordPress site including all its content.

If you have a genuine interest in buying this site then please contact me stating how much you would be prepared to pay to take the domain and the website.

I am not looking for a King's ransom yet at the same time it is becoming increasingly harder to find good names that have not already been taken.

From a search engine perspective you cannot get much better then and when I had the time the site was number one within Google for Fishing in North Devon.

Anybody who has the time to write about the fishing in North Devon and all that the region offers for the fisherman or tourist has an excellent chance of getting the site back up to the top of the rankings and then reap the rewards of doing that. In its hay day the site could easily receive over a thousand visitors a day.

I would like to take the time to thank everyone who visited the site and sent me emails and I am sorry that I could not reply to them due to other commitments.

To Buy or Inquire about purchasing this site please email:-

If you are not sure about setting up a fishing site for North Devon because you do not know enough about the web then I can always arrange some training to help you get started. This will of course be reflected in the offer you make for the site.